Our company is a heavily research and development based restaurant management company.
The main goal for us is to build restaurants, bars and cafes that are conscious of urban enviroment and culture. Taking the F&B industry towards a higher standard quality in respect to culture and arts.
Event Planning 活动策划
Customized Food and Beverage 定制食物饮品
Visual Design | Menus, posters, 
invitations, Florals,etc.
Music program 音乐策划
Equipment Rentals 设备租赁
Catering with Professional Mixologist, 
Sommelier, Maitre’d, etc. 专业服务团队
300+ cocktail creations 原创鸡尾酒
250+ dish development 原创菜品
80+ natural wine selections 葡萄酒的选择
40+ event experience  活动经验
Awards winning chef 国际知名主厨
Professional mixologists 专业调酒师团队
Expert wine recommendations 专业葡萄酒推荐
Interior & graphic design team 装饰与平面设计
Audio & video production team 音乐影像制作
Lead by the award winning Chef Blake Thornley,  our devoted kitchen team uses top quality ingredients and precise execution, to continuously research new possibilities and share their creative passion.
在主厨Blake Thornley的带领下,我们拥有了一个专注的团队。对食材的高要求,对烹饪的精准控制,不断地研发和创新都源于我们对美食的热爱。
We’ve created more than 300 types of cocktails for our venues, investigating both seasonal ingredients and modern cooking techniques to help elevate the taste of every drink. At the same time, we also have a curated and ever-changing wine menu that focuses on boutique producers that embrace organic, low-intervention practices.